Specialist in second hand industrial machines


For 35 years, A.FOY has endeavoured to propose you affordable high quality equipment such as tablet press, blister pack machines, case packers or to design a complete bespoke pharmaceutical packing line. Our mission is to ensure an easy access to industrial and high performance machines to professionals from different activity areas.
We fully refurbish second hand machines thanks to our high qualified team of mechanics, technicians and automate experts…


We propose to extend the lifespan of production machines thanks to an environmentally friendly process known as “retrofit.” It consists in changing one or several outdated components in order to extend the working cycle as well as to optimise the machines performances.

Our different business sectors :


Société A.FOY has an expertise in some business sectors to meet several needs and is specialised in used machinery for sale. Some of our machines can be used in different fields. We propose you industrial machines specialised in storage, transfert, process, production, packaging…


Our different sectors are :


tablet press, tanks, mixers, fillers…


capsule fillers, counters, fillers…


cartoners, screw cappers, kettles…


carton sealers, bowl feeders, pumps, mills…

The advantage
of second hand machines :


First of all, used industrial machines are more affordable in comparison with the new ones. Used machines are most likely to be quickly available without any lead time. The used equipment can be seen in our premises so that you can realise the finish right then. The benefit is also the possibility of being adapted to your needs and products thanks to our team’s expertise. Future buyers are therefore able to check and measure wether the machine fits the wanted use of it.The other huge avantage of used machinery is to limit the environment impact.


Purchasing second hand equipment, you help save our planet extending their lifespan as well as limiting power usage. In case of acquiring a pharmaceutical packaging line, A.FOY company indicates and advises on the machines feasibility which may work as a part of an entire line. So, when ordering, our technicians will adapt your products to the selected equipment.


Our expertise :


Our experts advise you and give you all the required information to meet your needs. We provide you with photos or videos to allow you to picture each industrial machine. Our machines are stored in our premises.


Multiple choices options, quick delivery time, prominent and high quality equipment, our team of experts carefully listen to your requirements, these are all the services and endeavour which make us renowned internationally.


Our team is at your disposal to guide and steer you towards your choice of machines for sale. We advise you on what best matches your needs and technical requirements. Our technicians entirely refurbish these machines in order to fit your specifications.


Our 2,400 m2 warehouse permanently stores a variety of machines such as fillers, labellers, screwers, carton sealers and the possibility to set up complete pharmaceutical packaging lines among all these machines. This substantial capacity of storage as well as its location near Paris Charles de Gaulle airport favour the availably, access and choice of our machines.

A 2,400 m² warehouse

We permanently stock various machines such as dosing, labeling, screwing, scotching machines and among all these machines we can also make pharmaceutical packaging lines. This large storage capacity as well as its location close to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport assure the availability, access and choice of our machines.